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Poems about Jesus/Salvation Poems

Belinda's Poetry

My Brother; My King
by Belinda van Rensburg

My brother, Jesus, is older than me;
Though we are both children it's plain to see
That we're as different as chalk from cheese;
I quarrel and fight; He advocates peace.

While I am at play He wanders away
Preferring to spend the cool of the day
Talking to Himself (or so it may seem);
A sensitive youth; a dreamer of dreams.

We're young men now; both strong and tall
He is so pure; I belong to the Fall.
He never does anything sinful; bad
He doesn't get jealous, nasty or mad.

Oftentimes at our carpenter's bench
He'd explain to me that He's come to quench
The thirst of all who desire to live;
That He has the power to heal; forgive.

We are grown men; we're wiser and older;
As time has passed He has become bolder -
Declaring; explaining to one and all
The need to repent; to answer God's call.

They taunted and beat and killed Him today,
His crucified body left on display
As 'proof' that He is not God but a man;
Jesus, the unblemished sacrificed Lamb!

My brother, my brother, I mourn Your death;
My heart near broke when you gave Your last breath.
How could this have happened to You, God's Son -
Jesus, the only true Innocent One?

An earthquake; a tear and the sky turns black,
Some graves burst open; their dead have come back -
A stone rolled away – His body is gone;
Jesus is risen; the war has begun!

Jesus, my brother, is diff'rent from me;
Eyes opened by God are able to see
We certainly are not the same at all -
He is the King - and I His thrall.

Do You See That Man?
by Belinda van Rensburg
Do you see that Man - the One upon the Tree
Who used to walk the shores of the Galilean Sea?
Some say that His coming has long since been foretold;
By dead kings and teachers and our own prophets of old.

He claimed He was the Son of God; indeed this I believe
But others tell me I am wrong; that He came to deceive
They say He was a liar; an utter fake; a fraud
But I have seen what He could do and thus His claim applaud.

Mighty was His power; gentle was His touch
It was clear He loved all men so very, very much!
He knew that He would die, and as the day drew nigh
He told us not to fret because we'd see Him by and bye.

Three days have passed since that dark day
All wrapped in grave clothes now He lay.
What's this I hear – His body's gone?
The priests were wrong – He's overcome!
Mighty is His power; gentle His healing touch
It is clear He loves mankind so very, very much!
He is the Risen King of Kings Who reigns from way up High;
He promised we would meet again in the sweet by and bye.

Upon Himself He's taken and broken every curse;
Upon His shoulders rests the whole wide universe.
Stars are in His eyes; secure within His hands
Are His children on the earth in near and far-off lands.
The Shepherd King
by Belinda van Rensburg

As nighttime cloaked my velvet dream
I heard Him call your name
He said “I Am the Shepherd King;
It was for you I came.

It was for you that I was born;
It was for you I cried;
It was for you my flesh was torn;
It was for you I died.

I thought of you and gave my breath,
Yes, I want you to know
It was for you I conquered death;
It was for you I rose.”

Ensconced within my dream-cocoon
I heard Christ call your name;
I pray that you will choose Him soon;
It was for you He came.

Cloud Rider
by Belinda van Rensburg
(Jesus Christ as described in Revelation 1)

Behold the Rider on the clouds with fire in His eyes -
Mounted on His white war horse He thunders through the sky.
Upon His head are many crowns and in His mouth a sword;
Clothed in purest white and gold His name is Christ, the Word.

His voice sounding like rushing waters; His hair as white as snow,
Whilst close behind God's army follows as He cuts down all His foes.
His feet look like hot bronze that glows; His face shines like the sun -
God's Name is written on His robe In the Blood by which He won.
This is My Body
by Belinda van Rensburg
This is My Body, given to you;
Eat and remember My gift when you do.

This is My Blood that will cleanse you from sin
As well as protect you and heal you within.

Now break the bread and drink the wine
Remembering Me when in this way you dine.

His Story
by Belinda van Rensburg

Move closer and listen; I'll tell you a story
Of the Prince of Peace; the Son of Glory,
Who long ago on this earth did dwell
To save us from sin and death and hell.

It happened one beautiful starry night
When one star in particular shone very bright;
It guided the wise men to Bethlehem -
To a humble stable which they did not ken.

God's angel appeared to some shepherds that night
Who were tending their flock under the moon bright.
Glad tidings the angel to them did depart;
They sang praising God with joy in their hearts.

The streets ran red with blood and with tears;
Babes slaughtered because of King Herod's fears -
But Joseph fled with his wife and the babe
In the dead of the night to escape the king's raid.

The Christ child grew up and became a man;
All went according to our Father's plan,
For Jesus became so wise and so strong;
He never sinned nor did anything wrong.

He made fishers of men and sent demons away;
Preached on a mountain and taught us to pray.
He healed the sick; He cured the lame
And commanded all men to do the same.

He raised His friend Lazarus from the dead
And taught us never to worry or fret
Over what we should wear, or drink or eat;
That God would supply everything we'd need.

God's only Son (as yet unsung) -
While soldiers laughed and had their fun
Hung upon that cursed barren tree,
Shedding His Blood for you and me.

He hung there, dying, all alone...
Never has greater love been shown;
"It is finished" our Savior said -
Then He hung His head and was pronounced dead.

They pierced His side but broke not a bone
Before they sealed His grave with a stone.
When the women returned after three days
They found it empty; the stone rolled away.

God's messenger angel dressed in bright white
Appeared and made the guards shiver with fright
He told the women "Do not fear
For Jesus has risen and He's not here".

Go now and spread the Good News to all.
Tell them to answer the Father's call;
For all who believe in Him will be free -
Christ Jesus our Savior from Galilee!

Jesus, The Word
by Belinda van Rensburg
Jesus the Word, Creator of all
Author of everything great and small;
God of the ice, volcanoes and fire
Lord of the depths, the heights and the shire.

To Him bows the sun, the moon and stars;
Planets like Pluto, Neptune and Mars.
Conquering Warrior; Prince of Peace
Lord of the rivers, mountains and trees.

Heaven and Earth each second declare
God's mighty power beyond compare.
Victorious Prince; King of all Kings
Maker and Master of everything.

Who is He?
by Belinda van Rensburg

Who is this Jesus Whom you love -
a babe upon some straw
Whilst wise men bow down low to worship and adore?

Do you perhaps envision Him walking upon the Earth;
The quiet, gentle Teacher who came by virgin birth?

Yet then, again, at times is He the Lamb upon the cross
Maimed, broken, hurt and dying - God's sacrifice for us?

Yes, it is true, Jesus the Christ was born in Bethlehem;
He once lived upon the Earth amidst the sons of men.

Then at the end when it was time He gave His life for us;
He, Who without guilt or sin hung on a wooden cross.

Jesus is not a helpless babe - this we need understand;
Nor is He still upon on that cross in the Promised Land.

He is God's only Son, triumphant; the Lamb Who's overcome - 
King of Kings and Lord of Lords - the One Who said, "It's done."
The Way to the Father
By Belinda van Rensburg

Think not that we can please our Creator
By striving to earn a place in the Light;
For there's no doubt that sooner or later
We'll fall into sin and be banned from His sight.

There's no other Way to the heart of the Father;
Nothing but Christ's precious Blood will do -
The pure, sinless Blood that our only Savior
Shed as payment for me and for you.

Such selfless love is too deep to fathom
Wider and higher than all that is;
A Life for a life; God's own for ours -
The price our Lord paid to make us His.

Honor and glory and praise to Christ Jesus
For Who He is and for what He has done!
In spirit and truth we will worship the Father
Who showed us His love by sending His Son.

Heaven's Currency
by Belinda van Rensburg

We've not been bought with diamonds, with silver or with gold
Since none of these could free us from the devil's vice-like hold.
We've not been saved through threats, with promises or force
For such manipulative methods God would not endorse.

God did not barter with the devil, nor did He compromise;
He did not deign to make a deal with one famed for his lies.
He did not leave us all alone to die for our own sins;
We are not at the mercy of an idol's selfish whims.

There is only one currency which can redeem our souls
Which can deliver us from sin and loose Satan's control;
The price our Father paid to save us from the second death
Is the Blood shed by His Son as He gave His final breath.


by Belinda van Rensburg

Going through the motions,
Seemingly all right;
Hiding my emotions,
Feeling quite uptight.

Plastering a smile
All over my face;
Trying all the while
To keep up the pace.

“Everything is fine,
Everything's OK -
Having a good time
Doing things my way."

Still I am so lonely -
Feeling dead inside;
Wishing I could only
Have someone at my side:

Someone who will love me;
Who'll give me His all;
Someone who will always be
There when I fail or fall.

Someone who'll accept me
For who I really am;
Someone who will truly see
Through the deceit and sham.

Someone who will stay with me
And make me whole and well;
Someone who will die for me
To save me from hell.

Oh, please God will Someone
Touch me this very day;
Please dear God may Your Son
Set me free I pray!

You Knocked
by Belinda van Rensburg
When I was lost in sin and shame
Jesus Christ, You called my name;
You knocked, I opened -
You came in
And freed me from my fatal sin.

Our Reason for Living
by Belinda van Rensburg

With purified hearts and clean hands we come
To pay homage to Jesus our King;
Giving our all to God's Saviour Son
Who offers us refuge under His wings.

Freely we give Him our bodies and minds;
Our future; our present and past.
Leaving the world, pain and heartache behind;
Exchanging these for a peace that will last.

Come, let us bow down before the Lord's Throne
Giving honor and glory to Him;
To Jesus Christ, the chief cornerstone
Our reason for living - our Everything!

 I Am Grateful He Came
by Belinda van Rensburg

Long ago God sent His only Son
To redeem us from the evil one;
I'm sure even holy angels cried
The day He was crucified and died.

On that most bitter of days He shed
Streams of His sinless Blood running red -
Why did He do it? What did He gain?
A beautiful bride without a stain.

The brides-price was indeed very high;
Thinking about it makes me want to cry;
I hang my head in sorrow and shame -
Humbled yet truly grateful He came.
No Other Way
by Belinda van Rensburg

Life for a life; His Blood was shed -
There was no other way;
As sacrifice Jesus was led
To Golgotha that Day.

Crimson flowed from feet and hands;
Thorned crown upon His head,
Yet there are few who understand
Why our Savior bled.

Their eyes are closed; they cannot see
That nothing else will do -
Only His Blood can set men free;
Make broken lives brand new.

Lord Jesus, You have paid the price
For each and every sin;
Your Blood will without fail suffice
To cleanse us from within.


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